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Bro. Nokomas Rodgers was born in Sardis, MS to Mr. & Mrs. Walter (Callie) Rodgers Sr. in 1967.  He is the 12th of 13 children.

He is a graduate of Southwestern Christian College receiving a B.S. with honors in Religious Education in 1990.  He also took several graduate classes from the University of MS and the Harding Graduate School.


Bro. Rodgers has been preaching in the Lord's church for 38 years and has had the privilege of serving the Scott St. Church of Christ (Forrest City, AR), the 9th Street Church of Christ and South Germantown Rd. Church of Christ (Memphis, TN).  He is currently serving as minister to the Quince Church of Christ in Memphis, TN since 2005.  The congregation began with Bro. Rodgers and approx.140 members in 2005. They met at the Whispering Woods Hotel until the church was able to purchase a facility.  Since, the church has more than doubled its membership and has secured a beautiful 50,000 square foot building. The congregation is experiencing substantial growth and has a strong desire to edify the saints, save lost souls and ensure that there is a presence in the community in which it resides. 


Bro. Rodgers is also known for his service on numerous lectureships, workshops, seminars, gospel meetings and other spiritual programs across the brotherhood.  He is married to Vikki Flowers Rodgers from New Orleans, LA.  They are blessed with one daughter, Valinus N. Rodgers and a son, Victor N. Rodgers.


The members of the Quince Church of Christ are blessed to have a minister who truly loves the Lord and works very hard to preach the doctrine in its most sound manner. Bro. Rodgers is a man who is strong, yet humble and has the heart of a servant.  He not only delivers powerful and eloquent, soul-stirring messages, he cares about God's people.

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