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The Ministries at The Q

Ché Smith


This ministry of Activity builds and encourages fellowship among members and visitors.  This ministry also focuses on promoting spiritual, social and church events.  Some of the events include:

* Fellowship nights with new converts and visitors. 

* Annual picnic.

* New Years Eve (NYE) Celebration. 


Dwayne Matthews

This ministry is designed to provide support by:

  • Live-streaming worship services, Wednesday Evening Bible classes, annual SongFests and Gospel/Revival Meetings .

  • Recording worship services and Gospel/Revival meetings to CD format and duplicated for FREE distribution to those requesting a copy. 

  • Ensure that visitors receive a copy of the sermon on the day of their visit.

  • Works in conjunction with the Evangelism ministry to gather, prepare and post required information needed to social media formats.

  • Ensure that all audio and technical equipment is in proper operation for the worship services and other events where AV-support is needed.

  • Maintain and monitor all information that is to be posted on all Quince COC social media formats.


Joe Hampton

“Let Brotherly Love Continue” – Heb. 13:1
This ministry is designed to help those in need, especially those in the household of faith. 

This ministry will:

  • reach out and assist those who are in need of financial assistance, who are bereaved, who are sick and shut-in by way of visits and/or calls, those who are burned out and anything else we can do to help those in need.

Building and Grounds:
Anthony Burrow

The ministry enhances the worship experience of our church family by caring for our building and property in a way that glorifies God.  The ministry is part of the Quince Road business and community corridor.  The goal of this ministry is to maintain a spiritual environment that blends in with the surrounding community.  This ministry also maintains the inside and outdoor facilities and land including but not limited to: grounds area, utilities, heating, air conditioning, insurance, equipment and furnishings.  This includes keeping all property and equipment in proper conditions accessing and recommending the needs of the facility and making recommendations for needed and necessary improvements, caring for the aesthetics of the property, adequately insuring the building against possible loss or damage.

Each individual works with the ministry chair base on person(s) individual work schedule which contributes to a very flexible work environment.  Each person(s) add their personal/ professional touch to making the building a pleasant and spiritual environment.

  • Opportunities to serve inside: cleaning, painting, electrical, security, plumbing, decorating, building repairs

  • Opportunities to serve outside: lawn care, trim trees and shrubs, maintain picnic/play area, security, parking lot maintenance repair, painting, snow removal.

Gary Myles

The purpose of the Choral Ministry is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song; encourage believers in their walk with Christ; lead the congregation in worship and provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gifts and talents and be an integral part of the worship.  Spread the Word of God through musical experiences while serving as Director of church singing groups. The choral groups (Quince Ensemble, MOQ - Men of Quince) are compiled of voices of members who have a strong desire and passion for using their gift of singing to represent Quince through songs.  They are committed to singing songs that will edify and encourage those who are thankful and uplift those who are discouraged.

Church Safety-Security:

Gary Myles and Dwayne Matthews

With the increase of criminal activity in general, this ministry is necessary for the safety of its members and facility.  The two men who head this ministry also have a team composed of those who are active and prior law enforcement professionals. They keep up with current events surrounding unsafe activities that could occur at the Quince facility.  They form plans that will help to assure a safe and enjoyable visit to the Quince facility.

Donald Randolph

Our desire is to have structure along with a curriculum to educate, to empower and to enlighten our Christian family to grow in faith through obeying God’s will for our lives.  Through study and development of God’s word, through prayer, faithfulness and supplication the education ministry encourage each member to make a commitment to live an unblemished Christian life. Execute and promote biblical examples of positive Christian life, for the building up of God’s kingdom.

This ministry will focus on the following:

  • class curriculums (Sunday School classes, etc.), teacher’s workshops, lectureships, VBS and New Convert classes.

Quantrell Hicks and Joe Eggleston


Evangelism is one of the most important ministries for the Church.  It is designed to reach the lost and encourage the saved to become spiritually strong ambassadors for Christ and his Church.  These accomplishments will be encouraged through the following:

  • gospel meetings, workshops, revivals, retreats, out-reach/in-reach programs, door knocking, prison ministry.

Family Life:

Dwayne Benjamin and Bruce Joy

“A Family that prays together stays together.”
This ministry is designed to organize and prepare all items and workers needed to carry out the following services and work such as:

  • annual health fairs, community events, seminars and events catering to the family (financial, spiritual, etc.) and support groups (singles, couples and seniors)


Fellowship Group:

Robert Stewart

The Fellowship Ministry is designed to encourage fellowship among the saints.  It helps to plan for events such as: funerals, fellowship meals, planned banquets, etc.  The ministry is also responsible for overseeing the kitchen and banquet areas. 

  • Fellowship involves encouragement and availability. 

  • We seek to serve and help each other. 

  • Fellowship involves informality and flexibility. 

  • Our fellowship and praise is actually doing the will of God;
    Sharing and helping one another, for this is what pleases the Lord.

  • Fellowship requires having concern and a spirit of restoration one to the other. (Galatians 6:1-2)

  • Fellowship allows us to care for one another through mindfullness (Look out for one another, acceptance (we all have faults, so we must get better at forgiving than judging), last but not least, encouragement (everyone battles self-doubt, so we must dispense more courage than criticism. Through much encouragement, brothers and sister’s will remember to put God first and love will dwell between each of us which is pleasing to Him.


Corey Hubbard


This ministry is designed to oversee the church’s financial business such as:

keeping financial records, handling banking transactions (deposits, etc.), setting budgets for the church and ministries, providing financial updates to the leaders and the congregation, paying bills, salaries and handling all other financial needs.

Health Ministry:

Ché Smith

This Health Ministry involves assisting members and visitors with first responder on-site care. Members of this ministry are current and/or former military, police, fire and medical personnel.  The Medical Ministry focus is to help those with acute concerns, receive immediate attention and provide annual health awareness activities like:

* Health Fairs & Biggest Loser Program

* Self-Defense & Nutrition Classes

* 5K races and more

Office Administration: 
Nokomas Rodgers

This ministry is designed to enhance the communication to our members, sister congregations, and the community. through:

  • flyers, bulletin boards, weekly bulletins, yearly event calendars, church and event decorations, church directory.

Wendell Williams and Ed Brooks


This ministry is intended to provide transportation for those who need a ride to and from all worship service.  Provide transportation to gospel meetings, workshops, and other spiritual events as approved by leadership.


Women Ministry:
Robert Stewart


Our mission is to proclaim our love of God by promoting the development of the spiritual life of women through purposeful service in the church and the community.  We want to glorify God and use our God-given gifts to spiritually impact others; to promote a more intimate relationship with Christ and by formulating a sisterhood that studies the scriptures, support each other, and serve God and the community.  We report to the Fellowship Ministry Chair.


Worship Service:
Corey Hubbard


“Let all things be done decently and in order.” – I Cor. 14:40
This ministry is designed to organize and prepare items and workers needed to carry out the following services and work such as:

  • worship services, funerals, weddings, baptisms, ushers (Invitation, etc.), communion preparers, song leaders and greeters.

Youth Ministry:
Carlos McCraney


“The children are our future, teach them well…”
This ministry is designed to edify, encourage and provide a sense of belonging to our youth in the church.  

This effort achieved through planned events such as: 

  • lock–ins, hayrides, bowl-a-thons, visiting the sick and shut-ins, gathering food and giving to those in need, Christian educational activities (study sessions, research assignments, etc.), sport activities (basketball, baseball, etc.), tutoring sessions, National, State, City and local Youth conferences. 

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